miercuri, 26 septembrie 2012

Fata padurii

Nu am mai postat pe blog nimic de foarte mult timp asa incat am dat la o parte panzele de paianjeni de pe blog si m-am gandit sa va arat ce am mai lucrat.
Intre timp am mai avut o expozitie la Bistro del Arte in Brasov . Si in curand voi avea o expozitie personala la Centrul Cultural Reduta din Brasov, in luna octombrie.
 Una dintre ultimile lucrarile mele de ilustratie  este " Fata padurii ". Face parte din seria de lucrari inspirate de mitologia romaneasca .

I didn't post anything for a long time on my blog so I decided to update it today.
Meanwhile I had an exhibition at Bistro del Arte from Brasov. And I will soon have another exhibition at Reduta Cultural Center in Brasov, in october.
This is one of my illustration works , called "The forest spirit", and it part of a series inspired by Romanian mythology.

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Sara spunea...

ohh Lovely great!!!

Agata Secelean spunea...

Thank you Sara! I am curious to see your latest works.